Today’s shameless selfie is brought to you by the letter F. 

F is for Freedom. Freedom from worry, unnecessary worry. Can’t control it. Didn’t cause it. Can’t go under it – you HAVE to go through it. So stop worrying. 

F is for Family. Family that act like best friends and best friends that are like family. The folks that relentlessly remind me that I HAD cancer. I don’t have it any more and it NEVER had me. 

F is for Fuck. The only word that truly describes some of what we’ve been through. We all deserve to scream it out loud sometimes. The trick is being mad at the right thing and avoiding the pity party. But god does this girl love a party. 

F is for Future. A future without boundaries, real or imagined. What are you waiting for? You may have to go first. You may have to be the one. But you have to start. Start where you are. 

And as for me? I’ll start here. Glad to be here. Grateful as f*ck, actually. 

F is also for Feelings. Real feelings. The ones that pour out of me like oil. Black, slick, thick. The way I feel most of the time. The feelings I don’t want you to know. The feelings I don’t understand. The black dot at the center of me. Around which all orbits. Happiness and joy and all the other parts of my life. But at the center  it’s always there – a black hole that I can always rely on, especially when I need it least. 

So on a day like today, a moment of delight, I may as well lean in and post a selfie. 

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